07/04/2018, 15:00
Master 7 1
Army 1
08/04/2018, 16:00
08/04/2018, 17:00
Savan 1
Toyota 2
31/03/2018, 17:00
Toyota 2
01/04/2018, 15:00
Master 7 4
01/04/2018, 17:00
Savan 1
10/03/2018, 15:00
Toyota 3
10/03/2018, 17:00
Army 1
11/03/2018, 17:00
Master 7 1
Savan 1
03/03/2018, 15:00
Savan 1
03/03/2018, 17:00
Army 0
04/03/2018, 17:00
Master 7 2
04/03/2018, 17:00
Police 0
Toyota 3
24/02/2018, 15:00
Police 2
Savan 0
24/02/2018, 17:00
Toyota 5
Army 2
25/02/2018, 17:00
Master 7 0
25/02/2018, 17:00
Team: Army FC DK FC Lao Toyota Luang Prabang FC Master 7 FC Police FC Savan United Young Elephant FC

Intermediary Report




Article 6(3) and 6(4) of the FIFA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries states as follow: 


6(3). Associations shall make publicly available at the end of March of every calendar year, for example on their official website, the names of all intermediaries they have registered as well as the single transactions in which they were involved. In addition, associations shall also publish the total amount of all remunerations or payments actually made to intermediaries by their registered players and by each of their affiliated clubs. The figures to be published are the consolidated total figure for all players and the individual clubs’ consolidated total figure.


6(4). Associations may also make available to their registered players and affiliated clubs any information relating to transactions that have been found to be in breach of these provisions that is of relevance for the pertinent irregularities.



LFF Intermediary transaction report 2016

LFF Working with Intermediaries Form


1. What is an “Intermediary”?


Intermediary means any person or legal persons (e.g. company, business) who, for a fee or free of charge, is engaged by a Club (being any club that is registered or affiliated with LFF, one of its member federations or an association affiliated to one of its member federations) and/or Player in a “Transaction”.


2. What is a “Transaction”?


Transaction means the conclusion of either:

• an employment contract between a player and club, including, without limitation, a renegotiation, variation, extension or renewal of an existing employment contract; or

• a transfer agreement between two clubs.


3. Who can act as an Intermediary and what do I need to lodge?


Subject to complying with LFF’s Regulations on Working with Intermediaries (the Regulations) and submitting a valid Intermediary Declaration, any person or legal person may act as an Intermediary.

If you act as an Intermediary in a Transaction, LFF will register your involvement in the LFF Registration System. Before LFF registers you in the system, LFF must be satisfied that you:

• have an impeccable reputation; and

• have no conflicts (e.g. employment or contractual relationship) with LFF, leagues, associations, confederations or FIFA.

To satisfy LFF of these two requirements, LFF must be provided with an Intermediary Declaration (Form of the Regulations on Working With Intermediaries as required) from you, unless you are an Lao legal practitioner (see item 4 below).


The Intermediary Declaration may be lodged at one of two points in time:


1. An Intermediary may themselves lodge their Intermediary Declaration with LFF prior to representing any Players or Clubs in a Transaction. The Intermediary will need to make payment of the pre-lodgement service fee, by using the Pre-Lodgement Form.


2. The Player or Club who engages an Intermediary for a Transaction who has not pre-lodged their Intermediary Declaration with LFF is required to lodge the Intermediary’s Intermediary Declaration at the time of submitting a valid Representation Contract (see item 8 below).

If option 2 is used, each time an Intermediary is involved in a Transaction the Player and/or Club must submit the Intermediary’s Intermediary Declaration

4.  What if I am a lawyer with a current Laospractising certificate?

Under the new Regulations on Working With Intermediaries, Lawyers are exempt in certain circumstances from being required to submit an Intermediary Declaration when acting as an Intermediary.

If you are a Lawyer with current Lao practising certificate  and a Club or Player has engaged you to provide legal services in relation to a Transaction, then you do not need to submit an Intermediary Declaration. However, the Club and/or Player must still advise LFF that you have acted as an Intermediary.

Under the Regulations, “Engaged to Provide Legal Services” means you have entered into an engagement agreement with that Club or Player, that you are providing legal advice as part of a bona fide legal practice, and that you are remunerated in a way which is consistent with how a lawyer is ordinarily remunerated for carrying out legal services.

In all other circumstances, Lawyers are required to provide an Intermediary Declaration in the same manner as all other Intermediaries.

Irrespective of whether a Lawyer is required to submit an Intermediary Declaration, when a Lawyer is acting as an Intermediary in relation to a Transaction the Lawyer is subject to all other requirements of the Regulations, including publication of details referred to in clause 5.1 of the Regulations.

5. How much will it cost?

Any Intermediary who opts to pre-lodge an Intermediary Declaration with LFF using the Pre-Lodgement Form will be required to pay the following initial Service Fee, depending on their time of lodgement:

•  Pre-lodgement between 1 January 2017 and 30 June 2017: 200 USD + GST (Total of 200 USD).

Payment of the above Service Fee will entitle an Intermediary to remain pre-lodged for the purposes of LFF’s Regulations on Working With Intermediaries until 30 June 2017.

Following this period, a renewal Service Fee will be payable annually. For the period 1 July 2016 to 1 June 2017, the renewal Service Fee is 200 USD + GST (total of 200 USD).

Payment can be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard), cheque or money order.

6.  What are the benefits of pre-lodging my Intermediary Declaration?

If you opt to pre-lodge your Intermediary Declaration, you will then be listed (along with any relevant contact details) on the Intermediaries page of LFF’s website. Players and Clubs may use this page as a starting point when seeking to engage an Intermediary, and Clubs or Players will not have to provide an Intermediary Declaration along with their Representation Contract where that Intermediary has pre-lodged.

7.  What if my circumstances change?

If at any time your circumstances change in a way which renders your Intermediary Declaration false or misleading (for example, a conflict arises, or you are convicted of a violent or financial crime) you must notify LFF immediately and you will be deemed to not have a validly lodged Intermediary Declaration with LFF.

8. What happens when I have been engaged by a Player or a Club in a Transaction?

You and the Club or Player must enter into a Representation Contract, which sets out the nature of the relationship (for example, whether a service, consultancy, job placement) and its terms.

The onus is then on the Player or Club to ensure a copy of this Representation Contract is lodged with LFF within 7 days of completion of the Transaction.

9. Who can see details of my involvement in Transactions?

LFF will publish at the end of March each year:

• the name of each Intermediary LFF has registered in the LFF Registration System;

• a list of every Transaction in which an Intermediary was involved; and

• the total amount of all remunerations or payments actually made to Intermediaries by Players and Clubs.

This is in addition to LFF maintaining a list on LFF’s website of Intermediaries who have pre-lodged an Intermediary Declaration.

10.Is there any limitation on how much I can earn, or who pays?

Yes, there are restrictions. An Intermediary must not be remunerated by a club or a player where the Transaction involves a player aged under 18.

Payments to Intermediaries must only be made by the Player or Club who engaged them.

There are a number of other important payment terms and conditions contained in the Regulations which all Intermediaries should familiarise themselves with.

11.Do I need to be anLaotiane?


12.Is there an exam?


13.I intend to contract players to clubs outside Laos. Is pre-lodgement of an Intermediary Declaration with LFF in Lao effective in all countries?

No. Pre-lodgement of an Intermediary Declaration with LFF only allows an Intermediary to benefit where the Transaction is in relation to an Lao Club. Specifically, where an Intermediary has pre-lodged with LFF, the relevant Lao Club (or their Player) will not have to provide to LFF an Intermediary Declaration along with the relevant Representation Contract.

If you intend to contract players to clubs outside Laos, please contact the governing body of football in that overseas country.

14. What is the difference between the Schedule A Form A Intermediary Declaration and the Schedule B Intermediary Declaration?

The Schedule A Intermediary Declaration is for an Intermediary who contracts as a “natural person”, whereas the Schedule B Intermediary Declaration is for an Intermediary who contracts as the authorised representative of a “legal person” (that is, a company).

15. When did LFF’s Regulations on Working With Intermediaries come into force?

1 April 2016. Any subsequent amendments to the Regulations on Working With Intermediaries come into effect immediately.

The Regulations on Working With Intermediaries also supersede FIFA Players’ Agents Regulations.



#   Team P W D L GF GA GD PTS
Lao Toyota 7 5  1  1 20 6 14 16
2   Luang Prabang UTD  6  2 3  1 9 6 3 9
3 Young Elephant 5  2 2  1 5 4 1 8
4 Army FC  7 1 4 2 9 13 -4  7
5   Lao Police  4 2 0 2 7 7 0 6
6 DK FC  5  1 3 1 6 8 -2 6
7 Master 7 7 1 3 3 10 14 -4 6
8   Savan Utd  7 1 2 4 6 14 -8 5


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