THE CORE FUNCTIONS OF THE LPL                       

The organisation and marketing of professional football in Laos are the core functions of the Lao Premier League Ltd. Lao Football Federation head up the organisation, founded 2016.The LPL has a wide and multi-facetted brief, with the organisation of the league schedule constituting a foundational element. The LPL is responsible for the scheduling of all regular-season matches in the Lao Premier League, as well as arrangements for the promotion/relegation play-offs - ensuring smooth-running, well-balanced and above all exciting competition in Lao professional domestic league.

Core function: licensing          

The licensing of the professional and semi professional clubs in Laos is a core element of the LPL brief. The licensing system is a development toolfor the clubs and held up as exemplary. The LPL examines each club's fitness to participate in the top league according to a range of criteria covering sporting, legal, staffing, administrative, infrastructural, security, media-marketing and technical above all financial competence. The further enhancement of the Lao Premier League brand is a central pillar of LPL strategy. The continuous development and marketing of "in-house" products is part of that strategy and the LPL has accordingly since established itself as a content provider.Strategic brand management in national and further international context as the basis for the further growth of marketing revenues is another constituent part of the LPL's day-to-day operations


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