New Premier League club new team members from Vientiane to participate in the annual Lao Football League 1 2020

New Premier League club new team members from Vientiane to participate in the annual Lao Football League 1 2020
Phu Bopha Phongsavath Deputy Secretary of the Vientiane Federation Football Team and Manager of the new Vientiane Federation Football Team 1 The 2020 PPP Football Interview interviewed: '' For Vientiane The CSX in the 2019 line-up, and the other matches are lessons learned by the Football Federation of Vientiane Province. The Chancellor Vientiane Club has developed its own management system and management system. So far this year, the team has been recruited in Vientiane to join the Sports Federation The 11th national championship, or the Xieng Khouang Games, following an outbreak of COVID-19, ended the practice. The first round of the Olympic Games will be held by the athlete in 2020. Try to get talented provincial athletes to participate in this competition, especially those Residents of Vientiane and Vientiane will also use the same athletes. The number one addition of athletes preparing to take part in national sports as the coach has yet to be confirmed Who will use the coaches, but we are on the football team Vientiane is the club that the FFA will try to do as much as it can in lessons. Developing our local football league for the future, an entry point This match is not set high because every club in the competition of the FIFA League 1 is a club that has had many competitions and many clubs from Vientiane are the only club in the country. The new club is set to face the challenge of attending the highest level club competition in the Lao PDR, with the manager of the Vientiane FA team also donating to football fans. It is especially true for Vientiane, Laos and Laos fans that if they watch the match To be a new team what to expect is to strive for the work Come on, let's push the ball to the top of the football field from Vientiane Provincial Football Club Young People Who Have Their Own Goals ''

For the history of Vientiane Football Club VFC Viengchanh Football Club started to develop and build a team system by the end of 2018 to prepare to participate in the various events organized by the Lao National Football Federation Vientiane football development begins to send teams to 2019 Currently, FIFAFR also sports a 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, and 18-year-old athlete training program. For less than 15 years of male football in 2019, the VFC Club, located in Phonmer Village, Viengkham District, Vientiane Province, now uses the University of Technical College, a large team training camp and the VFC Academy youth training camp to increase the practice time of the day. Vientiane has been spending a great deal of time freeing itself and staying away from drugs.

       Vientiane FC is eligible to move up to the 2020 Lao Premier League for the 9th position in the 2019 line-up thanks to the PSF (2). The Champions, Elephants Club (2) ranked No. 2, The Army of the Elephants (2) ranked No. 3 with the team A or a big team of their own in the top leagues, Vientiane Capital Club # 4 does not fail, Club MFA 5 Floating Club, Vientiane Club # 6 Scrolls, Club 7A Club No. 7 Scrolls, Manchester Exclusive No.2 (2) Ranked 8 With A Team or Own Team in the Top League The opportunity to become the 9th Premier League club by 22 points, 6 wins, 4 losses, 12 points.

       The 2020 Pepsi Premier League will be renamed as the Lao Pepsi League 1 has postponed its opening day until the outbreak of COVID-19 is over, the situation is back to normal and according to the Office of the Prime Minister's Office No. 524 / PM. May 1, 2020 on the mitigation measures and the 5 continued prohibition measures.


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